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I see a coin like MTC (Marinecoin) showing a big daily yield but pool hopper says $0


This is correct - and basically you missed the boat when you see something like this...sorry :)  

There are coins that 'POP' from time to time, which means they they generate lots of blocks in a very short period of time then they 'go back to sleep' for a period of time.

This typically happens because their difficulty is re-adjusted and has dropped.

The information on the screen IS CORRECT because if your HAD been mining this coin with the hash rate you entered 'over the past 24 hours' you would have made the $ amount shown on the screen.

The good news is that a new feature is coming to SmartherHash that will allow you setup 'ALERTS' of different type on every coin and one of those alert TYPES is Block Per Day.

Normally a coin like MTC generates very few blocks on an hourly basis but you could setup an Alert to be notified if MTC Generated more than 'N' (a number you enter) number of blocks block in a 5 or 15 minute period and you'll get an ALERT emailed to you when the coin starts to POP.


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